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Getting the Most Out of a Business or Life Coaching Relationship: Top 10 Things to Look for in a Coach


Thinking of hiring a coach to help you move to new levels in a new or related career field or in your life? When I start working with a new coaching client, I always remind the client that this is a two-sided relationship — I’m not going to tell them what to do, but rather … Read More

Tips to Save Money


Nice gifts with a big discount: With the holiday season upon us, buy gift cards at up to 30% off their face value a the cards are sold by gift getters who don’t want them. Or, donate your unwanted cards to Recycle those old electronics: Have an old cellphone, computer or other … Read More

File Sharing: In the Cloud or In-house?

cloud computing

Preparing for a vacation or business trip can be fun, but also time-consuming if files are created on one device (such as a desktop computer), but needed on another device such as a laptop or smartphone that will go along on the trip. There are many file sharing services out there. Some of the most … Read More

Search: Text Analytics, Faceted or Federated?


When I speak to clients about searching, they generally think of the type of text search methods we use every day when using search engines on the Internet, looking for e-mails within our e-mail client or trying to find a file on our hard-drive. The techniques that help drive these types of searches generally fall … Read More

Revision History and OCR in Google Docs


  DM/DAM software solutions have powerful capabilities to do both, but an easy way for clients  to experience both revision history and OCR is to use Google docs. Google Docs has a revision history pane that allows you to view at a glance all changes made to a document by each collaborator. While it may … Read More