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Oxford Blocks Google Docs in Response to Phishing Scams


The University of Oxford temporarily blocked Google Docs on Monday in an attempt to make its students and professors more aware of an increase in phishing scams that use the Web service. In a blog post, Robin Stevens, a communications programmer at Oxford, said university officials had decided to take “extreme action” after what they perceived … Read More

Tax Info Made Easy

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The Tax Foundation was founded in 1937 in the midst of the Great Depression. Their mission: “…the Tax Foundation has since 1937 worked for simple, sensible tax policy at the federal, state, and local levels. We do this by informing Americans about the size of tax burdens and providing economically principled analysis of tax policy … Read More

SmartBrief: Relevant News in a Nutshell


SmartBrief brands itself as “a media company on a mission to save you time and keep you smart.” SmartBrief editors choose global B2B relevant news, summarize it and link to it all for free. SmartBrief covers 25 key industries from advertising and marketing to healthcare to technology and much more. SmartBrief partners with more than 100 … Read More

“Easy Stats” Web Tool Mines U.S. Census Bureau Statistics Data

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Easy Stats is a new online tool developed to make statistics quicker and easier to access. The interactive tool provides selected demographic and economic statistics from the American Community Survey. Easy Stats allows searching by geography down to the local level, including incorporated places like cities and towns and census designated places. View detailed race, age … Read More

Getting the Most Out of a Business or Life Coaching Relationship: Top 10 Things to Look for in a Coach


Thinking of hiring a coach to help you move to new levels in a new or related career field or in your life? When I start working with a new coaching client, I always remind the client that this is a two-sided relationship — I’m not going to tell them what to do, but rather … Read More