Access-Driven Workflows

Flow CWhen first working with DAM/ECM clients, I often find that their workflows are generally haphazard or the result of doing things “the way they have always been done”.  Together with the client,  we create access-driven workflows that ensure that digital assets are findable and usable as needed, saving valuable time, effort and money and utilizing assets already on hand.

In this interview “Creating Workflows for Born-Digital Collections: An NDSR Project Update“, librarian  Susan Manus describes her fascinating job…”my primary task is to create, test and implement access-driven workflows of born-digital collections at New York University Libraries…I am tasked with investigating and implementing workflows that encompass the entirety of the born-digital process, from accession to access. This means that while I spent a month learning digital forensics techniques, I have also researched and implemented workflow steps that occur before acquisition and after ingest.”

Are you using access-driven workflows in your organization? If not, you are missing an opportunity to streamline processes from the get go.

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