Are “Always On” Gadgets Invading Your Privacy?

Smart TVAs a kid watching The Jetsons and Star Trek, I dreamed about computers and robots that could do things for me. That future isn’t so far fetched anymore with gadgets such as Microsoft’s Kinect controller, Amazon’s Echo assistant and smart televisions.

However, on those t.v. shows, no one ever mentioned privacy and what those magical devices did with the information they gathered when interacting with humans or other forms of life.

Whether it’s Facebook changing privacy settings, we as users just clicking “accept” when an online provider asks us if we accept or reject its terms of use, or allowing an app to track our whereabouts, we are losing our privacy rights.

Do you pay attention when an app, software or other nifty electronic convenience asks for your personal information? Or, are you ready to give it away without a second thought?

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) is taking notice and so should all of us:

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