Big Data You Can See – Linkedin InMaps

InMap imageBig Data can be hard to understand or imagine. Linkedin InMaps help you visualize what your network looks like and better understand Big Data and its value.

With Linkedin InMaps, you can easily visualize your Linkedin network. You’ll see a rainbow of colors, each representing clusters of connections in particular industries, associations, educational institutions, former or current employers and much more. Each color represents a different group in your professional world.

On the bottom left of your “map” you’ll see a legend with different colors that allows you to label each cluster color by your Linkedin connections. You can see where you have lots of connections and perhaps where you may want to add more to better represent your professional network.

You can zoom in and see the names of those in your network and the intersections between your connections. My InMap looks like a tropical fish (see image).

It’s easy, really. InMap took just a few minutes to render my Linkedin network of 500+ connections. It will offer to email your results if you don’t want to wait.

What will your InMap look like? Find out at:

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