Data, data everywhere!

“Information has gone from scarce to superabundant: that brings huge new benefits, says Kenneth Cukier (interviewed here)—but also big headaches.” The Economist print edition, Feb 25th 2010,

In my consulting work, my clients are wrestling with the terabytes of data they produce. Finding information that already exists in an organization can be the most frustrating, time-consuming task when starting a new project or working on a current one. Information exists in so many silos that no one can get their hands on what’s needed when it’s needed.

Intellectual capital often remains hidden to staff. When they need an expert to quickly get up to speed on a topic, how do they find one, either within their own organization or outside of it?

What to do? The growing field of enterprise content management is striving to wrangle this information into reusable, re-purposeful knowledge that organizations can use to positively affect their bottom line.

How does your organization tame its content?

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