Five Questions to Ask Before Embarking on a Big Data Analysis

Big DataYou may be trying to figure out what expanded data collection means to you and your customers. Five questions are presented as a summary of a recent panel discussion at Dell Women Entrepreneurs Network in Austin.
1) What is the edge case? Edge case is explained as the circumstance when a new use for data crosses the boundaries (edges) of propriety. The example widely mentioned in coverage of the panel discussion was Target sending targeted promotions to customers the company had deduced were pregnant, much to the surprise of the recipients’ families.
2) Are you prepared for bad news? Uncovering and analyzing data is less likely to show things that are working well and more likely to disclose problems.
3) How are you treated online and how do you treat others?
4) What is the cost of sitting on the fence?
5) What will you say when the government comes calling?

How would you answer these 5 questions?
How does your organization utilize big data?


  1. Big Data Queen says

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