Fracking Update: What’s Real?

fracking GAOWhat a difference 18 months makes! When I last blogged about fracking, it was widespread in the U.S. Last week, Governor Cuomo banned fracking in New York State. This follows on the heels of bans in Denton, Texas and bans and moratoriums in New Mexico and Colorado. These are just pockets of bans though and more than 20 U.S. states allow fracking.

Much controversy still surrounds fracking, but our nation’s thirst for natural gas means the demand is there. Where there is demand, there is always a way to fill it.

Getting to unbiased knowledge around this controversial topic can be daunting. Do your research looking at all sides to the issue and be sure to use vetted sources.  Or contact an information professional or librarian who can guide you through the maze of resources so you can come to your own, informed conclusion.

Where do you look for information on fracking?



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