Reinventing Oneself Professionally

Many of my clients do not know I have a Masters in Library Science degree. All they want is an information professional who can empower them to do their work better.  As the quote below demonstrates, librarians are not the stereotypical dour, bun-wearing, shushing guardians of  books  We are much more. We provide actionable knowledge to our clients, whether they be in the corporate, government, non-profit or other sectors. We work with our clients to provide the information they need to make decisions and move forward.

“…we librarians or information professionals definitely aren’t what we once were. If we play our KM or ‘knowledge engineer’ cards right, there are very few areas in any organisation in which we won’t have significant contributions to make.”
— “Education for Changing Roles” by Gaye Colvin. Information Outlook,
Oct/Nov 2009, p. 21.

What is your impression of an information professional? If you have an old outdated one, visit a local public, university, college,  specialized, or school library. I bet you’ll be surprised with what you find and what you can learn from them.

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