Tax Info Made Easy

tax foundation logoThe Tax Foundation was founded in 1937 in the midst of the Great Depression. Their mission: “…the Tax Foundation has since 1937 worked for simple, sensible tax policy at the federal, state, and local levels. We do this by informing Americans about the size of tax burdens and providing economically principled analysis of tax policy issues.”

The Tax Foundation promotes “a sense of tax consciousness” to the public and policy makers by providing information about tax and budget policies. The site includes publications, data, videos, a blog, maps, tax calculators, tax topics and basics, podcasts and more.

I’m a visual learner and was drawn to the maps section. The maps are posted most Mondays as is the informative blog. There are maps covering State Gasoline Tax Rates, Dividend Income by State and much more. There are many more charts and graphs at the Foundation’s Center for Federal Tax Policy, Center for State Tax Policy and Center for Legal Reform.

If you want to know anything about taxes, this is the place. Easy to use and get around, it makes a subject many of us dread, easier to understand.

The Tax Foundation exists on voluntary contributions from philanthropic foundations, corporations, and individuals across the country and encourages site visitors to donate.

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