Tips to Save Money

Nice gifts with a big discount: With the holiday season upon us, buy gift cards at up to 30% off their face value a the cards are sold by gift getters who don’t want them. Or, donate your unwanted cards to

Recycle those old electronics: Have an old cellphone, computer or other electronic lying around taking up space? Go to or and get a write off, cash or gift card. Costco, Best Buy and Sears also have trade in programs.

Free admission to 150 museums, zoos and science centers the first weekend of each month if you have a Bank of America ATM, credit or debit card. See

Turn off your car engine: Just 10 seconds of idling your car using as much gas as restarting it. Two minutes uses enough fuel to drive a mile. Feel the need to warm up your car every morning. Tom and Ray at Cartalk say: “Unless it’s below freezing, cars don’t need to be warmed up at all. Driving them gently is the best warm up there is. If it’s 25 degrees out, you might want to let it warm up for 30 seconds. If it’s 10 degrees out, warm it up for a minute.”

Drive for (almost) free to your destination in cars that need to be relocated. Sign up at Pay only a $350 refundable deposit and the first tank of gas in free.

Where is that owner’s manual? If you’ve ever had to dig for an owner’s manual and couldn’t find it, bought something at a garage sale without one, or just tossed it, try looking for free ones at,

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