Veterans’ Day in the U.S.

Today is Veterans’ Day, a federal holiday here in the U.S. For some people, it means a day off to play, but for me it means a lot more.

While I hate war and am not happy with our current policies of deployment, I would like to share that my dad served as a Navy SeaBee (Construction Battalion) during WWII serving in the South Pacific and the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. The SeaBees were the forces that went into an area and built barracks, airstrips and other needed infrastructure for the troops to use. My dad ended up being a cobbler — someone who kept the boots and shoes of the soldiers in good repair. Even in that role, he experienced artillery and machine gun fire.

My son, who I wanted to strangle when he did it, became a Marine and was honorably discharged last December. Due to foot surgery (from his days running cross-country in college), he was not able to serve overseas. But I know he saw lots of his friends leave and not come back alive or who were damaged either mentally or physically.

I hope we will take a moment to thank in our hearts those who have served or are serving and their loved ones, even if we don’t agree with war.

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