What is KM?

Knowledge management (KM) and knowledge services (KS) have been around for awhile and are often touted as a total fix-all for organizational information overload.  Therefore, they are often overlooked or seen as over-rated as a solution.  I disagree.

Dave Snowden presented one of the best definitions I’ve seen:
The purpose of knowledge management is to provide support for improved decision making and innovation throughout the organization. This is achieved through the effective management of human intuition and experience augmented by the provision of information, processes and technology together with training and mentoring programmes.

The following guiding principles will be applied

  • All projects will be clearly linked to operational and strategic goals
  • As far as possible the approach adopted will be to stimulate local activity rather than impose central solutions
  • Co-ordination and distribution of learning will focus on allowing adaptation of good practice to the local context
  • Management of the KM function will be based on a small centralized core, with a wider distributed

What do you think of this definition? Will it work for you and your organization?

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