YouTube Sends Users To Copyright School: Will Content Owners Have to Go, Too?

YouTube recently announced its new and “improved” copyright policies, and it’s a mixed bag for YouTube users: they have a new opportunity to remove strikes on their accounts, but they have to watch some copyright propaganda first. First, credit where it is due: YouTube is doing the right thing by jettisoning its one-size-fits-all three strikes termination policy. As YouTube recognizes, legitimate users may nonetheless get hit with takedown notices, and a repeat infringer policy should account for the fact that “there are different degrees of on-line infringement, from the inadvertent and noncommercial, to the willful and commercial.” We’ve suggested broader changes, but this is an important step in the right direction. We’re also glad to see that the re-vamped “Copyright Education Center” contains good resources on fair use. However, YouTube is also now requiring users who receive takedown notices to go to “copyright school,” and that school has a pretty misleading curriculum.

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