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Internet Archive Celebrates 20 Years

Hard to believe a world without the Internet Archive which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Brewster Kahle, Founder & Digital Librarian, is a real friend to libraries and gets their value. He and his team continue to think creatively about how to freely bring knowledge to the world and make available digital copies of books through … Read More

Become a Paperless Office With Document Management Software

By the time clients contact me for help with document management, they have reached the proverbial “end of their rope” with a mess of digital and print assets that are misfiled, lost or not tagged for findability and reuse. Digital files generally reside on messy shared drives and individual hard-drives with no naming conventions. Paper … Read More

Are “Always On” Gadgets Invading Your Privacy?

As a kid watching The Jetsons and Star Trek, I dreamed about computers and robots that could do things for me. That future isn’t so far fetched anymore with gadgets such as Microsoft’s Kinect controller, Amazon’s Echo assistant and smart televisions. However, on those t.v. shows, no one ever mentioned privacy and what those magical devices did with … Read More

Access-Driven Workflows

When first working with DAM/ECM clients, I often find that their workflows are generally haphazard or the result of doing things “the way they have always been done”.  Together with the client,  we create access-driven workflows that ensure that digital assets are findable and usable as needed, saving valuable time, effort and money and utilizing assets … Read More

Why Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?

“Modern civilization will not collapse from a lack of resources or a war – it will collapse from the crush of information. I am only half joking.” ~Seth Earley Have you ever tried to find a document, image or other bit of strategic knowledge that you knew existed in your organization, but just couldn’t get … Read More