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Empowering You to Make Critical Business Decisions

Can you easily access the knowledge you need to do your work? Information Edge empowers its clients to gain a competitive edge while freeing staff to work smarter.

  • Knowledge Services/Document/Enterprise Content Management

    Have you ever needed a print or digital file, document or image but couldn’t find it? Did you need to recreate it or do without?

    Actionable knowledge (information combined with experience, expertise and context) is vital to success in today’s competitive environment. It is every organization’s most valuable asset. Managing this knowledge is essential. The amount of data and information within an organization is growing dramatically. Efficient management of information can result in better customer service, improved internal communication, better decision making and enhanced productivity.

    Information Edge provides solutions to organize content to make it findable and reusable. We work with clients in matters associated with corporate memory, facilitation of information sharing among knowledge workers, document management, digital asset management and more

  • Library Design and Automation

    Staff in many organizations struggle to find externally published resources that reside in their own offices or online. Information Edge can solve this problem by reviewing the library collection (print and digital) and organizational needs to recommend the best solution to automate access to library materials to save staff time and frustration. We can also work with  you to design an inviting library to fully utilize your organization’s print and digital resources.

Whether your needs are ongoing or short-term, Information Edge will meet those needs — on time, on target, on budget!