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Stupid Content and Google-Like Search

image64110“I want all of our company assets to be findable with a Google-like search.”

This is a request I often hear from clients. When I ask them “How many results do you usually get from a Google search?” they begin to realize that maybe this isn’t such a good idea. What they really want is the simplicity to search for a term, client name or phrase and get back appropriate, on-target documents, images and other organizational assets.

This is a universal need, but one not so easily achieved. A fundamental step in the repurposing and finding of content is the structuring of content. As Anne Mulcahy, ex-CEO of Xerox once pointed out: “Unstructured content is stupid and old-fashioned. It’s costly, complex and does not generate a competitive advantage.”

Anne is referring to the absence of metadata and the lack of application of document management and web content management technologies to content. Organizations that view their content strictly as a document, image, or binary object, lock themselves into a WYSIWYG model, which can be limiting and lacking in intelligence.

Without metadata, content is incapable of:

• dynamically understanding its relationship to other pieces of content
• re-purposing itself in various combinations for more effective communications

making it stupid instead of smart.

What do you want for your organization – smart or stupid content?

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