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Toyota Recalls and BP Gulf Oil Spill = Information Disasters

Deepwater Horizon Oil SpilContinuing last month’s theme of document management (DM) (or lack thereof), too many organizations have not taken document and information management seriously enough to invest the time, effort and money into getting their knowledge base organized and findable.

In addition to the PG&E San Bruno disaster, two other infamous examples of a lack of a DM strategy and implementation come to mind:

  • could Toyota employees immediately put their hands on the right technical documents when people started reporting their accelerators sticking?
  • could BP and its contractors find all the information they needed in a timely fashion to deal with the crises on a technical level at the well head, the ecological disaster and also to show to Congress?

If your organization were involved in some scenario, be it a litigious one or just a “PR” disaster, could you find all the pertinent documents and information you might need quickly enough ? If you’re not managing your information in all its forms well, or perhaps just not managing it at all, then it is going to compound the stress you are under in such circumstances.

Lord Baden Powell (founder of the Boy Scouts) once said: “If you pitch your tent properly, you can smile at the rain.”

Are you ready for a storm?

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