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Work 2.0: Rewriting the Contract by Bill Jensen

Work 2.0

An organization’s intellectual capital is its most important asset. How fast employees can get up to speed and find the information to do their work attracts savvy employees who feel empowered and in control of their own destinies, becoming capable leaders in challenging economic times. Actionable knowledge leads to efficiencies on many levels – ROI, competitive advantage, employee retention and recruitment, and job satisfaction.

Jensen’s “Simpler Work Index” highlights six areas:

  • Competing on Clarity: My manager organizes and shares information in ways that help me work smarter and faster
  •  Navigation: In my workplace, it is easy for me to find whomever or whatever I need to work smart enough, fast enough
  •  Fulfillment of Basics: In my workplace, it is easy to get what I need to get my work done—right information, right way, in the right amount
  •  Usability: In my workplace, corporate-built stuff (like IT, training, and support) is easy to use
  •  Speed: In my workplace, that same corporate-built stuff gets me what I need, as fast as I need it
  •  Time: My company is respectful of my time and attention, and is focused on using it wisely and effectively

This book came out in 2002, but is as on-target today as it was then.

How is your organization implementing Work 2.0? What has worked and not worked well?

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