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The Librarian’s Skillboook and Successful Indie Publishing

I have been on hiatus from writing for Information Edge as I’ve been doing writing of a different sort – co-authoring a book! It all began in 2010, when my colleague and co-author, David Grossman, and I, found many of our librarian and information professional colleagues out of work and trying to figure out the … Read More

Fracking – Who and What to Believe?

Is fracking (hydraulic fracturing) an environmental time bomb or a harmless way to extract natural gas and petroleum from dense deposits of shale? Industry websites, as to be expected, play down the environmental risks. Find out more: The Natural Gas Supply Association has extensive information on NSGA filings and testimony, analysis and studies about natural gas, … Read More

Big Data –Those Who Control it Have the Power

Last month, I had the opportunity to hear Edd Dumbill speak at the annual conference of SLA’s Pharmaceutical and Health Technology Division Conference in Philly. Edd’s topic was Big Data. Every organization has more and more digital data that is woven into all the organization does. It is a sort of “digital nervous system”. We’ve all heard … Read More

Stupid Content and Google-Like Search

“I want all of our company assets to be findable with a Google-like search.” This is a request I often hear from clients. When I ask them “How many results do you usually get from a Google search?” they begin to realize that maybe this isn’t such a good idea. What they really want is … Read More

Erecords & Print Records Retention and Disposal, Part 2: Best Practices

I have a ritual every January – cleaning out and shredding personal and business records that are no longer needed or legally required. Of course, as in any home or organization, there are some records, such as the title to a home, a birth certificate, record of incorporation and other documents that must be kept … Read More