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Staying Connected While Traveling

For the last two weeks in September, my husband and I traveled to Italy to visit Rome, the Amalfi Coast  and the towns from which my grandparents emigrated.  Our electronic gear was lightweight and simple, but exactly what was needed for the trip. Which gadgets did we take? -Europe enabled Verizon LG smartphone. This was … Read More

Preserving Strategic Knowledge Assets before Disaster Strikes

How long can your business survive without access to its digital and print assets? With Superstorm Sandy damage reaching into the billions of dollars, we have not even begun to put a price tag on the loss of digital and paper assets which are a major part of the strategic knowledge of any organization. Is … Read More

Traveling and Doing Business Outside the United States, Part 2

Last month I covered current business and travel resources outside the U.S. This month, I’ve included political, economic and statistical resources for non-U.S. countries as well as historical sources for travel and business information.  Politics, Economics and Statistics Background Notes/Country Fact Sheets  from the U.S. Department of State are a great source of information with … Read More

Traveling and Doing Business Outside the United States, Part 1

“Knowledge is power in a rapidly flattening and globalizing world.”* During the next year, I will be traveling outside the U.S. for vacation, to visit international clients and during my term as President. It’s been awhile since I’ve traveled abroad so I’ve researched some resources to help me get the latest information on cultural … Read More

Time to Digitize Your Paper Assets?

Years ago, one always heard that reading digital content strained the eyes and was not sustainable over long periods of time. However, a recent Gartner survey shows that digital text consumption is nearly equal to the time spent reading print. Today, digital storage is cheaper than paper storage. Paperless alternatives for document management are increasingly appealing for competitive … Read More