Representative Projects

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Knowledge Services/Enterprise Content Management

  • Complete document management solution, including creation of a metadata schema and custom taxonomy, for defense contractor
  • Enterprise search solution and knowledge services for architecture design firm with 6 offices worldwide
  • Information audit, software recommendations and project management for digital and print document organization and retrieval for a multi-office environmental engineering firm
  • Database development and knowledge management services for 6 offices of a Northern California engineering firm
  • Corporate intranet user interface study, evaluation and redesign
  • Saved the Gordon Health Sciences Library of Children’s Hospital of Northern California from proposed downsizing. Through interviews with physicians, residents, nurses and other health sciences staff, secondary research, and space design investigation, Information Edge created a report to document the disadvantages of downsizing. Due to the work done by Information Edge, the library was preserved.
  • Trained biopharmaceutical firm staff to use RefManager software to organize their article archive

Market Research / Competitive Intelligence

  • Prospect research for alternative health, exercise and healthy eating organizations in Northern California
  • IT outsourcing companies and their organizational and cost structures
  • Selected technical translation agencies services and rates in the United States
  • Retrofit, maintenance and remodeling sales and home building statistics in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Current and future (up to 5 years out) market statistics for the budget and luxury cruise line industry
  • Costs of gastric ulcer surgery in the United States both for hospital costs and loss to the economy from post-surgical recovery prior to the introduction of cimetidine (Tagamet©).
  • Competitor drug development for a major pharmaceutical manufacturer
  • U.S. and worldwide sales of ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) kits including the current annual market with data back to 1980s
  • Seed fraud civil penalty cases in the United States
  • Web servers and related hardware/OEM market data
  • Market share, sales and number of products sold for the sun tanning and sunless tanning industries

Library Automation

  • Evaluation, organization and database creation for print resource collection of environmental technologies incubator startup
  • Automation/database conversion and design/space planning of special and academic libraries